Community is often charmed by a false sense of care and concern shown by individuals who rally to the cause. The desire for self gratification, fame and fortune mask an unwillingness to treat every individual within the community with a level of dignity and respect that is not simply confined to those who fall within their circle of loyal friends and supporters.
Maher & Cline (1962)
This antisocial behaviour website is nearly 40 years highlighting incidents of antisocial behaviour on Saint Johns Park West, Clondalkin. And 'yes' some of the residents(adults/youths) who caused so much mayhem over so many years still reside on the road to this day (2024). 

Residents on the road have always known the 2 families who caused so much antisocial activities over the years.The son/sons of these residents were encouraged by their parents to bring their gang friends (Greenpark) onto the road to torment and destroy residents property. Residents also know why antisocial activities diminished so suddenly and its not because some residents sold-up and left the road. Karma will always come back on those who cause heartache and pain to young children.Residents on the road have always know these people but for their own safety and protection were unwilling to speak out.

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'The people you believe are unlikely to cause heartache and pain in your community are generally the people behind it all.'  Think about it? 2024 and the same manipulating parents still reside on Johns Park West but the level of ASB has declined on the road. The answer to this is very simple,all the children have grown up and left the road (Johns Park West) but the parent still reside on the road. Holding membership of a local sports club is one way of using the club as a shield to hide one's illicit activities. Seems familiar doesn't it?

Sometimes those who try to be everything to the community are the ones who cause the most pain and heartache to those outside their circle of friends and associates. Shame on those who rally around the same people who they know were involved in ANTISOCIAL ACTIVITIES AGAINST FELLOW RESIDENTS.

It is absolutely amazing how a small number of individuals (adults) living on a road (centre) can over very many years direct their children to manipulate and encourage other children to carry out acts of antisocial behaviour against selectively targeted residents on the road. Are people on the road really that blind or are they simply too scared to stand up and be counted. Has anybody ever asked the question ‘Why has most of the antisocial activities on the road declined in the past 6 years’? It is important to note that the vast majority of ASB on the road was controlled and directed by GAA members living on the road. 

Everything you read on this website has been reported to local Gardai over the years.Read the contents of this website with an open mind and then make your mind up.


We must never forget the exploits of a certain Mr Jimmy Saville, a well loved and admired individual who done Trojan work for charities all around the world. A man who could do no wrong in the eyes of the public, a man who found safety and shelter amongst people in the most highest of authority. Saville was a man who used his fame to undermine and dismiss all those who tried to speak out about his wicked activities.The cries for help by very many residents on the road of Saint Johns Park West (and many other housing estates around the country) went unanswered by those in authority simply because those involved in antisocial activities embedded themselves in a local sport organisation and thereby manipulating the cover and protection afforded by individual members in An Garda Siochana and officials within the sports club. While things appear to be calm and peaceful on Saint Johns Park West, in reality the same people (adults) who directed acts of antisocial behaviour against innocent residents on the road are covertly conducting similar acts in a slightly different way. A lot of the open abuse and blatant thuggery has diminished on Saint Johns Park in recent years. WHY?

Don't blame children for the rise in antisocial behaviour-blame the parents. The tongue is a very powerful weapon when used behind closed doors by parents who drill into their children a dislike and hatred for others.

Don't blame Gardai, social services, teachers or religious orders for little Jhonny or Mary going down a slippery road.Blame parents for not providing within the family home the groundwork whereby children learn a basic understanding of courtesy and respect towards others. Many parents seek the glorification of themselves through the sporting achievements of their children while at the same time neglecting the important personal educational needs of the child.This was very evident on Saint Johns Park West where those who were directly involved in antisocial activities placed greater emphasis on sporting achievement (or nothing) over educational need. It is very simple- the fruits of education can only be seen after many years of toil and hard work but medals and media coverage come relatively quickly and are a greater asset to the personal ego and glorification of a parent.

Have you noticed that very many children in Ireland have little or no communication skills, no form of
assertiveness, no ability to constructively interact with others outside their circle of personal friends. They find it difficut to explain exactly what they require in simple plain words.They expect other to interpret what they require through their use of grunts, grins and silly movements.They look lost and confused when the response to their gestures are not acted upon.They can curse, count money,push and shove their buddies, be heard outside the pack once heard from within the safety of the pack. This is not only evident in children from socially deprived areas, it can also be seen in children from more affulent areas but in a different manner and a different approach.
Parents have really a lot to answer for not providing the groundwork for their children when it comes to dealing with survival in a modern world.The easy answer is to either blame the education system or buy the child an Ipad or iPhone and let them find out for themselves. You see it everyday with children and young adults- if you want to disconnect from the real world around you then place a mobile phone to your ear. Many walk about with mobile phones to their ear as if it's a piece of jewellery. The phone doesnt need to be active, it just needs to fit the contours of the ear in order to block out direct contact with the outside world. Its not surprising why suicide is on the increase in Ireland.

Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed. ... Blessed are they who did not see, and yet believed. .... but he does pronounce a great benediction on those who can rise to faith in himself through the word which he has spoken, ...

                                              A message from the Editor of the website-May 2013
                                              Victims of antisocial behaviour consider going public

Victims of antisocial behaviour seek legal advice on going public, a spokesperson for the group said today;  "Those who promoted and coordinated antisocial activities against innocent residents over very many years  must not be allowed to directly or indirectly financially or otherwise benefit from the heartache and pain felt by their victims. All those who place themselves in the public domain must now answer for their past activities and of those they encouraged to partake in such activities. Those who thought that time alone would allow residents who suffered at the hands of their tormentors,forget about what had happened in the past are very much mistaken.

The public and local community cannot be duped into believing the false nature of recent community activities.The goodness and generosity of the general public cannot be used to indirectly line the pockets of those who now jump at an opportunity to reap personal financial reward from that generosity.                                                                                                                                                     

                                                          A candle burns bright for all those who suffer at the hands of their tormentors.
                             A candle that outshines all other candles. A candle that brings ' Hope, Peace and Justice' for all victims of antisocial behaviour.                                                     
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    RTE 1 Joe Duffy Liveline 9/12/2014                                                                                                                                                                                                      

    Yet another great example of what decent working people on Johns Park West  Clondalkin had to endure at the hands of GAA youths and their parents living on the road back in 2010.And let us be under no illusion, Gardai were constantly on road and visited parents of offending youths. Residents were forced to sell their homes because of intimidation and damage to property.One resident had car unlocked/searched by next door neighbour. Next day same neighbour came out of his house, dressed in track suit whistling and sneering at residents when they discovered their car rummaged.     


    Councillor Charlie O’Connor and Councillor Mick Duff went to visit Michelle today at 1 pm in Fettercairn today to see how she was coping. They had heard her on the show yesterday. When they returned to their cars they had been badly damaged and windows smashed. They say it was their cars that were targeted as six other cars around them were undamaged. The Garda arrived quickly to take statement.

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    Somethings those who try to be everything to

    the community ( 2024) are the ones who cause the most pain and heartache

    to those outside their circle of friends and


The website you are about to enter is designed to provide website visitors with an insight into the many issues of antisocial behaviour that take place in communities throughout the length and breath of Ireland. What you read is not exclusively confined to the the housing estate of Saint Johns Park Clondalkin but can be found in small and large communities, local authority and private estates throughout the length and breath of Ireland. What makes this website unique is that a significant number of local residents, Gardai and local sports club members and officials were aware of or had heard about antisocial activities taking place on the road of Saint Johns Park West, Clondalkin against carefully targeted residents.What is most unusual about the many incidents of antisocial behaviour that took place on the road of Saint Johns Park West is that nearly 90% of all the antisocial activities ceased in 2012.

This website is unique as it provides the reader with a first hand account of the antisocial activities that have taken place along with the reason why such activities were allowed to continue over so many years. The people who were supposed to help resolve issues of bullying and antisocial behaviour in the community of Saint Johns park West Clondalkin were the same people who were lacking in support for those affected by acts of antisocial behaviour. The people who loose out in every possible way in the small community of Saint Johns Park West Clondalkin are the people who go in and out of their homes, bother nobody, say 'hello' 'goodbye' to their neighbours and are there when their neighbours need them. The people who put on all the charm and smile, are there when the camera is ready to catch the moment, appear dedicated and involved in the community, seen as model citizens, are the same people who make life and continue to make life an absolute living hell on earth for neighbours they dislike. The public scramble to the sound of a good story. They even slip into the mode of tunnel vision in order to maintain an illusion presented before them. They do not want to know bad news, never mind news that has the potential to bring unfavourable issues in their community to public attention. As a result of this type of tunnel vision, anybody who highlights unfavourable activities within a community are pounced upon as being weird, somewhat antisocial themselves or even mental cases only to be laughed at. I bring to your attention an incident involving a Games Development Officer in a Clondalkin sports club, a games development officer who publicly mentioned on his clubs website the name of a person who was a victim of antisocial activities by individuals in his own club. A games development officer who jumped to the defence of his beloved club and its members without even once asking the question 'Are the allegations of antisocial activities by club members really true'. This particular individual never thought for a single moment about the regulations governing behaviour on and off the field of play. The games development officer never asked the question 'Did the allegations involve 'junior members/adult members, players,mentors or referees'.The same individual never for one moment though about the consequences that may have resulted for victims, if those who organising and directed antisocial activities happened to be viewing the club website at that moment in time. Oh the post was very quickly taken down but not before the comment was recorded and documented by the person whose name was mentioned in the post.This matter will be covered at a later time.

What is extremely important and must not be overlooked when making a personal judgement about what a selective number of people within the Clondalkin community class as 'UNTRUE ALLEGATIONS' concerning extreme antisocial activities on Saint Johns Park West by a small number of residents and their siblings over very many years, is that all the unfortunate residents on the road concerned both current and past, alive and deceased, were the same residents whose children achieved educational standards and job security far beyond those who instigated such activities. While these unfortunate residents were committing their financial resources and dedication in their children's pursuit of a high standard in education, (not parental image or material possession) their tormentors were roaming the road with their gang buddies, drinking and causing as much damage as possible to residents property while proclaiming that all those who were not part of their road click as 'losers'.  We now see the same people portraying an image that defies everything they have done in the past to innocent people on their road. An investigation by gardai into antisocial activities on the road and the subsequent visit by gardai to the homes of identified individuals on Saint Johns Park West and Greenpark cannot be dismissed as 'untrue' or exaggerated. A fact cannot be dismissed as untrue that Gardai sat in the homes of victims of antisocial behaviour trying to console them as their neighbours made haste in their cars at the sight of a garda car driving up the road. The drunken behaviour of youths as young as 16 years of age(photos), cursing and swearing and directing their hate towards the homes of their victims as the parents stood at the end of their garden laughing, sneering and giving a Gaelic football whistle as they encourage the gang to pile on the pressure. On one occasion Gardai knocked on the door of one resident who refused to answer the door to the gardai and sat in the back kitchen until the gardai left. As one garda said ' They may not answer now but we will be back tomorrow' and as true as their word the gardai returned to speak to the resident. Their next door neighbours jumped into their cars and drove out of the estate until they got a call to return as the gardai had left. But the gardai came back the following day. Two young gardai who done their job to the highest of standard and were a shining example of the professionalism that is An Garda Siochana. 

Oh these people wanted their neighbours to move out. They wanted them to crack under the strain of immense pressure and provocation. They done it over years of subtle torment and provocation.They hid behind the cover of 'ASSOCIATION', behind people who were prominent in the community, members of An Garda Siochana, politicians and those who seen them as honourable, community active and model citizens. On this road today there are people who live in the shadow of antisocial activities taking place around them and at them. Many left the road within a short space of time, some had nervous breakdowns and one sought mental health treatment. The involvement in a local sport club only went to hide and disguise the activities they pursued and the image they gave to other people.  Over time, more and more information will emerge into the public domain along with photos, videos and audio recordings.

It's no coincidence that ninety five percent of incidents involving the damaging of residents property as a result of  footballs and hurling balls being aimed at selective residents homes or the congregating of youths taunting obscene remarks at residents as they walk the road has significantly decreased since 2012. It is also no coincidence that a significant number of incidents involving the damaging of motor vehicles and assault on individual residents on the road has ceased since two youth on the road had to go into hiding after their falling out with the drug gangs in Greenpark. How much different is the road today (2015) despite the small number of incidents taking place along with the weekend noise as the gangs ramble up the road on their way to Greenpark.

The contents on this website is not designed and presented to you for the sole purpose of demeaning or degrading people in Clondalkin, Saint Johns Estate,Greenpark or any social, sport or community group. The site is designed to provide an insight into the many problems that can be brought about by a small number of people(as low as two families) with the potential to reign havoc on fellow residents by involving others who reside far beyond the boundaries of the problem. What possibly makes the problem of antisocial behaviour in this estate extremely unusual is that the relevant authorities were fully aware over very many years of the activities that were taking place against a selective number of residents in the estate. The people who coordinated the antisocial activities over two decades were the same people who were shielded from prosecution because of 'association' and the image they portrayed within the local community.  Over very many years people on this road didn't want to be bothered about the heartache and pain they and their friends imposed on fellow residents, that's until the same kind of heartache and pain came knocking on their own door. It was a great laugh for some residents on the road when a selective number of their neighbours found their vehicles damaged or stolen. Some had their driveways damaged with paint or engine oil, others had their dogs immersed in oil or killed and left out on the main road. Elderly residents had to constantly suffer and sit in fear as the 'lads' tormented them night in, night out by setting off their car alarms, banging on their sitting room windows  or ringing their door bells at all hours of the night. All seen on Bebo and Facebook, all great lads, all drunk and all rogues in the making.  

And now we see the same clique of people on the road band together in support of the same thug who once brought heartache and pain to many residents by encouraging his buddies and friends from Greenpark to target selected homes. The funny  thing about the thugs to the centre of the road who went about telling people that they were LOSERS, was the realisation that in actual fact they  themselves were the bigger losers. The  people who enjoyed the company, support and protection of the gangs in Greenpark are the same people who now sit in fear as they try to make amends with their God by trying to give something back to the community in compensation for their past deeds. God cannot be bribed or won over with gestures of hollow repentance. The wheel of justice turns slowly, what goes around comes around. God has his own way of punishing those who do bad onto others. 

Many seek proof that such activities took place, but the presence of Gardai in the home of one resident who completely broke down and had to be comforted by a female member of An Garda Siochana is just a single example of what one family had to endure at the hands of their immediate neighbours and their siblings. And there are others who over many years received mental health treatment and professional counselling because of the antisocial activities instigated by their neighbours and their neighbours children.One must remember that the housing estate (private houses) of Saint Johns Park comprises just 200 house, evenly divided between Saint Johns Park West and Saint Johns Park East. The biggest problem associated with the prolonged continuation of antisocial activities especially in private housing estates such as Saint John's Park is brought about by widespread denial within the immediate community where antisocial activities take hold, simply because most people do not want to get involved because they themselves know they may become yet another target for their neighbours and siblings on the road. It cannot be emphasised enough that there are a significant number of good, descent, honest and law abiding people, both past and present, who live or have once lived  in the housing estate of Saint Johns Park West, Clondalkin  who conduct their lives with dignity and respect for others. Unfortunately, there is always the small few who because of many social, domestic and personal reasons cannot live with those who just wish to live in peace with their neighbours by simply going in and out of their homes. The same people go about asking the question ' who are these people who bring heartache and pain on our fellow neighbours' yet the same people know they live their lives with two faces. There are people in the Clondalkin village area who consistently call on the proprietors of this website to publish the names of those involved in acts of antisocial behaviour, not because they want to expose those who abuse the rights of others but because they want to discredit those who make claims about antisocial activities taking place against individual residents and their homes. This again is all part of the 'association' style cover-up that allows the perpetrators of antisocial behaviour to use a shield that protects them from exposure, criticism and criminal justice. The vast majority of former residents who moved away from Saint Johns Park live in peace and harmony with their neighbours, play an active role within their community and never regret the day they moved from the estate of Saint Johns Park. If those who moved onto the road of Saint Johns Park West within the last 10 years were to be open and truthful about their moving onto the road of Saint Johns Park West would say that they made 'One big mistake'. 

  Sometimes jealousy combined with marital and household problems help build a bitterness and contempt for people who go in and out of their home  with the joys of life on their face. That resentment continue to this day (2013), resentment and hatred that can be clearly seen on social media sites. At the best of times this and this alone can be the spark that leads to an aggressive behaviour towards others, not only by the parents but by their children. On Saint Johns Park West, admitting to people around you that you are unemployed is a step too far. As a result of this mental instability some people currently living on this road go in and out as if they were working every day of the week, when in reality they have not worked for very many years. Hopefully this website will enable people on this road to come to their senses and realise that they threw something very special away in order to become something they are not. Recent activities on the road show individuals willing to go to the extremes in order to financially benefit from the opportunity presented before them.Unfortunately, very  many people on this road  fell for idle talk, gossip and one up-man-ship by a minority of people they seen as friends, community active and model citizens and for that found themselves in the situation they find themselves in today. Many seen what was happening on the road but decided to remain silent. Those who were lucky to move home  and leave the heartache and pain behind them look forward to a better future with neighbours they can call real, honest and caring neighbours.To this day the people who caused so much heartache and pain to others are still looked upon by people in their community as great people, caring people, people who care about people and community.The same  people who are either unwilling to accept the true nature of these people or just turn a blind eye because of association. The vast majority of residents on Johns Park West know different but are afraid to openly speak the truth. Some of them form a road 'click'  of those who are 'in' and those who are 'out'.Those who are seen as part of the 'out' group become targets for their aggressors. Protection through association greatly increases the prolonged nature of the antisocial activities because those shielding the perpetrators of antisocial behaviour find something in common (sport, work, social activity)  with those who portray an image and character to everyone outside their immediate community, but a completely different character when interacting with people living next to them or others on the road they have singled out for their special antisocial treatment. Some resident could not believe such activities were taking place by the same people who were seen as being great within their immediate  community. Again, similar to the many clerical abuse scandals that have plagued this country, those who portray  one image in society will eventually be exposed for who and what they really are. 


Over many years there has been people who question the authenticity of claims about antisocial activities in this estate or with claims that individuals as members of social and sports clubs in the area were involved or continue to be involved in acts of antisocial behaviour against others in their community. People quite simply jump into a defensive mode because they believe that members or even personal friends associated with their organisation could not or would not take part in such despicable deeds. A Games Development Officer with very little discretion or understanding for the plight of victims of antisocial behaviour mentioned on his clubs official website the name of a resident in Saint Johns Park West whose family endured years of antisocial activities that were perpetrated by individuals within his own club. The same individual made repeated requests to website providers to have antisocial behaviour websites (or individuals associated with such websites) banned from using such providers. Reports to local Gardai over very many years about antisocial activities on the road cannot be dismissed as ' not being true'. Gardai calling to individual residents homes at the request of the victims of antisocial behaviour on the road cannot also be dismissed as being 'untrue'. Reports to local gardai from residents who were singled out for special treatment by the 'lads' in having their vehicles 'damages' or stolen cannot also be 'untrue'. Is representation by a local politician ( now minister)  to the then Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern TD about the antisocial activities experienced by one family at the hands of their immediate neighbours  and their son  once again an 'untruth'? innocence through ' association' was used as a method of blacklisting those who were forced to suffer at the hands of their tormentors. As with very many of the clerical abuse scandals that ran throughout Ireland like a cancer, those who were guilty of such acts were shielded and protected by the same people who were supposed to apply the law equally to all citizens. Once again innocence and protection through 'association' played a crucial part in delaying or eliminating the course of justice. Not any more, those who brought sadness, pain and torment to their victims will be held responsible for their actions, as it has been stated very many times on this and many other antisocial behaviour websites.  

If those who dispute the authenticity of the claims being made about antisocial behaviour activities taking place against individual residents living on the road of Saint Johns Park West wish to challenge those claims in a court if law then by all means make that challenge. 

The housing estate of Saint Johns Park comprises two roads with approximately 200 homes evenly divided between Saint Johns Park East and Saint Johns Park  West.The problem of antisocial behaviour in this estate escalated to such an extent that a Labour Party TD for the Clondalkin constituency, Deputy Pat Rabbitte (now Minister for Communication, Energy and Natural Resources) made direct representation to the then Minister for Justice Deputy Dermot Ahern TD on behalf of a constituent. In response to Deputy Rabbitte's representation, Deputy Ahern TD made comment in the Dail chamber about the individual concerned and the many antisocial behaviour problems (Dail records) facing families in the housing estate of Saint Johns Park Clondalkin. With the kind assistance and intervention by Deputy Pat Rabbitte TD, many issues of antisocial behaviour on the road was significantly reduced. This really only came about when the Chief Superintendent in Orchard Road Garda Station, after representation from Deputy Rabbitte TD and Minister Ahern TD, sought to resolve the problem once and for all. It is with sincere gratitude and thanks to individual members of An Gardai Siochana in Orchard Road Garda station who came to the assistance of individual residents living on Saint Johns Park West over the years that a significant number of the problems (not all) perpetrated by a small number of youths and their parents on the road finally became isolated incidents.One must point out that while a significant amount of the antisocial activities declined the organisers of the antisocial activities simply changer their tactics to a more discrete form of intimidation. 

9TRUE)A number of residents on Saint Johns Park West were visited by Gardai after complaints were made to Gardai (TRUE) about antisocial activities by parents and their children.There was always the whistling resident (centre of road) who came out every time his neighbours walked out of their home. The same whistling neighbour made his abuse very discretely heard when being watched by other neighbours, but could be seen with his whistle in mouth on the football pitch. A former parish priest in Sruleen Parish Church was also made aware of the many problems facing residents living on Saint Johns Park West. It must also be noted that over the years a number of local politicians and politicians nationwide were made aware of the antisocial behaviour activities associated with Saint Johns Park. Politicians were invited to view the many antisocial websites that highlighted issues of antisocial behaviour in the community of Saint Johns Park. Many politicians replied to emails seeking their help in addressing issues of antisocial behaviour in this community. The most worrying aspect associated with issues of antisocial behaviour in this community can be found in the lack of support given to the victims of antisocial behaviour over the years by the Community Gardai in Orchard Road station. The reason for this lack in support could possibly be answered with the word ' association'. 

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