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                                                                   Saint Johns Park West, Sruleen, Clondalkin,Dublin, Ireland

                                      Highlighting issues of antisocial behaviour in a Clondalkin Housing Estate

                                                    Antisocialbehaviour in a Clondalkin housing estate
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The purpose of this website is to provide visitors with a clearer understanding of the underlying causes of antisocial behaviour in local communities Information that has been documented and reported to the relevant authorities over a considerable number of years about a campaign of antisocial behaviour that was conducted, directed and executed by a very small  number of individual residents and their children living in the small community of Saint Johns Park West Clondalkin. The activities perpetrated by these people included violent assault, racism, damage to property and a whispering campaign to isolate their victims from their immediate neighbours. Along with other descrete and covert activities, these people had the potential to bring this small community of decent and law abiding people to its knees. Their involvement in various sports clubs in the Clondalkin area (along with some of their associates who were not involved in sport activities) and beyond, created a shield that protected them from criticism, investigation and prosecution. The most alarming aspect of all the antisocial activities directed at individual residents living on the road over many years, was the ease by which the perpretrators of the antisocial behaviour found support from a number of individuals in positions of authority within the local community. The sam people backed their members or associates without taking into consideration the hardship and pain experienced by the victims od atiocial behaviour at the hands of thugs and criminals. In actual fact, residents who were directly affected by the many years of antisocial activities were never once facilitated with a knock on the hall  door by the same people in authority who allegedly work in the interest and support of all the community. Website visitors should also visit or where they can post their comments and provide feedback on a growing scourge that is taking an increasing grip on modern society.

Have you ever lived with problems of antisocial behaviour being directed at yourt home and family.Have you ever wondered why individuals  in positions of authority in a local sport club suddenly appear out of the woodwork to defend their clubs honour and support a small minority of individuals and their friends who were the source of the problem, only after you, your family and other families were forced to pack-up and move after enduring years of antisocial behaviour, yet the same people were nowhere to be seen as they held a  strange silence when they were  really needed to speak out. People who knew exactly what was going-on over many years, (reported to the relevant authorities) yet held silent until those who were deeply troubled by acts of antisocial behaviour were forced  to sell their homes. Then and only then did they come out of the woodwork to deny such activities took place. Then and only then did they find it right (without having all the facts at hand) to defend their memebers and their members friends. Even when the evidence (and many in positions of authority who had the facts at hand) was placed in front of them, they defended their friends honour and integrity without once asking the question ' How do i help and protect the victims of these activities'.
Have you ever written a letter of despair to the chairperson of your local Gaelic club only to find a reply to that letter long overdue? Welcome to antisocial behaviour at its best, welcome to Saint Johns Park West Clondlakin.

One would wonder why people in the residential housing estate of Saint Johns Park West Clondalkin would indulge in activities that have the potential to damage the public image of their estate. One fails to understand what exactly people get out of being nasty and cruel to their fellow neighbours.Why do people conduct such covert activities over many years yet to others seem normal, community involved and beyond activities that would hurt others.Its all down to two words JEALOUSY and DECEIT.Jealousy because they see others (including children and young adults) achieve goals in life they themselves cannot achieve.They see others enjoy life in ways that elude their own marital relationships and force them to play a dual role of smiling on the outside for public image but hurting from within.They involve themselves in community activities so they may become influential and commanding within their own community.They see influence and authority prioritised by professional social standing and this alone drives them further into despair and a hatred for others around them.One resident drives drive a van but doesn't own a fleet of vans, one works behind a counter but doesn't own the business. They watch and follow their neighbours to see where they dine with the family in the village on weekends and then return home to make sure they do their utmost best to damage the joy of a family outing by waiting to start an incident once they return home.And this goes on week in and week out, a small nudge here and a small nudge there. Deceit is more easily described as a Jekyll and Hyde approach to hiding a real intention or objective. They interfere with their neighbours back garden sheds/peer through rear dining room windows when their neighbours are out or during the night break into their neighbours motor vehicles but make sure not to take anything that would involve a garda investigation for theft, yet the following day can be seen laughing and jesting with other 'IN' neighbours at the bottom of their gardens.They involve themselves in community activities yet they make sure those who visit their home park cars in such a way that block their neighbours from entering or leaving their driveways.They throw sneering vulgar abuse using whisper as their neighbours pass up or down their driveway so as not to attract the attention of other people passing along the way.One great GAA activist on the road would whistle when his neighbours walked their driveway.Oh the same individual made absolutely sure his own wife never heard his whistling or taunting of his neighbours.

The denial that antisocial activities took place in this housing estate over very many years clearly demonstrates to those who visit this website how people try to cover up the events that took place, events that were documented and reported to the relevant authorities over many years, yet the same people and their sporting colleagues still persist in denying that antisocial behaviour took place. Complaints of defamation is now being circulated to website providers, yet defamation can only take place if an untruthful allegation is made. The severe nature of the antisocialbehaviour activites that took place by a number of youths (now young adults 2010) on behalf of their parents, along with their friends in Greenpark, reported to the Gardai over many years, cannot be an untruth, despite individuals  insisting that such activities never took place.

When your home is under constant attack at all hours of the day and night as your neighbours and their sons( central road area) laugh, sneer and swear at you and your family as you walk down the pathway. The same lads (centre of road) are now in hiding from their drug gang friends in Greenpark. All those who in one way or the other brought torment and pain upon their victims are now paying the price for their crimes. The wheel of justice turns slowly, what goes around comes around. When you walk out your front door and you have all the lads in their g** tracksuits and  football gear cursing and swearing and saying Kn******,  BAS****S,  SC**, Cun** and the rest of it, while their parents stand at the end of their driveways in great humour at the events taking place. When your next door neighbour (parent-male- central area of road) challenges you to a fight "anywhere but not on the road" because three pieces of garden hedging fell into his garden and then in a rage of jealously goes about throwing the hedging at your car because it was new. The same community involved resident would not like it if his next door neighbour got into his car at the dead of night and made a mess of the inside of his car. Oh no, but this community involved resident done exactly this to his next door neighbour. The same resident would not like it if a member of your family constantly pressed his door bell at 10.00pm at night but this residents son done exactly this to an elderly couple along with the friends he encouraged to take part in the fun, a real rogue. And what about the resident whose hall door was kicked off its hinges by the same lads (centre of road) at ten o' clock at night along with a youth living (entrance area to road- right hand side ) on the same road. And you say there is none or has ever been any  antisocial behaviour on the road. And this is only the tip of the iceberg. How dare you. Some people on this road should hang their heads in shame. 

 Is this just a fantasy, is it all made up, are residents trying to devalue and make difficult the ability to sell their property by making ridiculous allegations or are those once involved in the many years of antisocial behaviour on the road now trying to protect their friends or even disassociate themselves from the same friends and  the activities that once took place.

Is a near riot during the closing days of March 2009 (residents reported incident to Gardai) that lasted nearly six hours (Gardai present), forcing some residents to leave their homes because the scenes of violence, intimidation and drunken behaviour (Gardai never investigated how barrels of beer were secured from a local club) by youths as young as sixteen (hidden before Gardai arrived), just a fantasy? An incident where the people who were out on the road assisting Garda in their efforts to calm the situation were the same people who secured barrels of alcohol for youths. An incident that convinced many residents to finally say "enough is enough" and then place their homes  'for sale' with local auctioneers. 

 In the many years of operation, this campaign has never made a direct reference to an individual by name, despite an allegations made against the campaign that this actually occurred. There is no documentary evidence to prove this, yet this campaign has documentary evidence to prove that an  individual was openly named on an official Gaelic club website by a person  in authority in the club, a person who should have used a better level of discretion and common sense before he acted in a manner that may have caused further torment for the victims concerned at the hands of their aggressors. Posting a comment on websites for an hour and then requesting the postings to be removed ( does not mean that the postings will be lost or forgotten.This campaign has never  approached a service provider by either email or letter and mentioned any individual by name. Members relish the opportunity to be given an opportunity to expose in court the levels of antisocial behaviour activities that have taken place over many years. It would appear that there is a deeper connection involving people, who should remain neutral on issues of public concern, who have now become directly involved in an attempt to discredit and distort the truth. It has also been noted that individuals in the Clondalkin vilage area scour the internet looking for reference to places and clubs in the Clondalkin area and who then indulge in a campaign of discretiting people who post comments or make reference to antisocial websites. It is amazing what people can do without having the full facts placed before them. 

Those who view this web page should access transcripts of the Adrian Kennedy FM 104 Radio phone-in show on the 6th April 2010 or a podcast of the Joe Duffy Show on Radio 1 about antisocial behaviour  in Clondalkin.Those who defend their comrades should take a closer look at these so friends before they dismiss the contents of this websites.

Thers are individuals who send and continue to send emails directed at campaign members threatening them and telling them they are being sought after. ( email source traceable-Johns park west- centre of road- eircom user- wireless router signal recorded)One individual used his neighbours christian and surname ( name of a club member-centre od road) in the form of an email to threaten former residents. This alone tells us a lot about  the individuals who are a source of conflict on the road. A resident's son and his brother in one house using the name of his next door neighbour in order to intimidate and hopefully cause conflict. But this is not unusual for the many people who currently live or once lived on Saint Johns Park West over very many years. 

Despite an accusation( posted and then removed on that was circulated, no individual to date has made a written or otherwise, complaint to the campaign or to the authorities about this form of abuse nor has this campaign since its foundation, mentioned directly or indirectly any individual by name. The comment made that "this individual"  (posted on copies and pastes the same junk time after time, is ver interesting.If this is the case then articles, photos and comments posted on these websites were already placed by their constructors within the public domain for public scrutiny before they were copied and pasted onto antisocial websites. You will notice on the the website that the person (his comments copied) who made strong requests to the moderator to have individual comments removed or even website addresses removed ( as with a trevor daly comment) made sure his own comments and presence on the website was removed. Talk about covering your trail. See: Askaboutmoney also: asb-ireland

Any attempt to have this website removed from the internet will only result in the website being relaunched with another website provider.Individuals in the Clondakin area who attempt to silence the truth by providing website providers with untruthful information in order to close down antisocial websites are only digging a deeper hole for themselves and for those who continue to cause so many problems of antisocial behaviour in this small housing estate. 
Contents of website copied for future relaunch.  

People in Ireland who are troubled by acts of antisocial behaviour being directed at their family or home can contribute to a website called 




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