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The wheel of justice turns slowly, what goes around comes around. The people who endure heartache and pain at the hands of their tormentors do not have to do anything, for they know time will eventually catch up (and it has) on those who done wrong.Strange how 80% of the antisocial behaviour activities against selectively targeted residents on the road ceased in 2012.Strange how reports to the Gardai about antisocial activities on the road also ceased in and around that time. Amazing how the lads wandering the road late at night looking to cause as much damage and hardship to residents, simply vanished off the road. Amazing how all the lads suddenly changed their Facebook accounts to 'friends only' in order to distance themselves from involvement in the activities that took place over many years.What we now see is an ongoing campaign to glorify within the community the same people who spent over twenty years doing their utmost best to make life a 'hell on earth' for selectively targeted neighbours on the road.  
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A candle burns bright once again for all residents on the road. A candle burns for all those who are troubled by acts of antisocial behaviour.A flame that will not be extinguished by a small number of individuals who continue in their efforts to hide the truth.

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Youths  on the road causing as much damage as possible to residents property.The same lads can be seen on Facebook, (now young adults-2010) bottles of beer in their hands and all dressed up in suits and ties as if butter would not melt in their mouths. Some of the same young adults are now in hiding and in  fear for their lives because they crossed the people they once sought protection. And many residents who were troubled over many years by these thugs, would relish in the opportunity should they reappear in the local community, to inform those who seek them out. Witnessed the screaming of Garda cars on the road as the lads conduct open warfare. Are residents on the road trying to deny this goes on every weekend. Are you attempting to disassociate yourself from the lads and their activities but fear for your own safety and that of your family? If you really want to help then contact the Gardai and tell them the story as it should be told.The vast majority of people on the road are decent,honest and law-abiding people who want to rear their families and live in peace. They do not need to be stigmatised by the action of the few.

And then there are those who cannot live with their neighbours and therefore make it their business to make absolutely sure that their neighbours cannot live with them.If we are to be completely honest with ourselves we could say that the vast majority of the antisocial activities including youths congregating on the road kicking ball and making life difficult for very many elderly residents finally ceased in and around 2012. It is also an undisputed fact that since two of the three youths heavily involved in antisocial activities (indirectly supported and assisted by parents) were forced to leave the road (went into hiding 2013) because of their association with drug gangs ( grasses) in Greenpark, Saint Johns park West has taken on a different level of calm.To this day (2015) antisocial activities still take place on the road but the frequency and intensity of those activities has diminished significantly.One might ask the question 'what caused the level of antisocial behaviour to diminish and why did the lads cease congregating on the road in a gang that was supported by fellow thugs from Greenpark who were heavily involved in drugs and other criminal activities such as stealing cars'. Strange, ain't it? Puzzling how the media overlooked this fact or possibly that this  strange coincidence was not brought to its attention.

While many people were not aware of the prolonged antisocial activities directed at individual residents on the road, residents could see how the road  was descending into a state of anarchy as youths kicked ball, damage motor vehicles, uprooted bedding plants in gardens and taunted elderly residents night after night. Gardai could seen on a regular basis on the road as residents watched from behind the safety of their windows as youths made haste into their friend's home to the centre of the road as gardai drove slowly along the road. People on the road are not fools, they seen what was going on but decided to hold quiet because of the fear of them and their children becoming targets for the road gang.They held their silence because they didn't want their homes to be targeted for special treatment by the lads on the road. And most of these antisocial activities ceased in and around 2012/2013 as parents of the offending youths were no longer in a position to influence or be seen to encourage others to commit antisocial activities against their neighbours.

The birth of all the antisocial activity can be traced back to two residents on the road who simply had a personal dislike for anybody who tried to better themselves in life.The same two residents, one a former van driver and the other a counter-hand lived in their own little world of make believe as they played games of deceit and deception with residents in the community. Membership of sporting associations provided the ideal cover that allowed them to gain the trust and respect of the community while at the same time encouraging their siblings to target selective residents on the road. Membership of a sporting association enhanced the years of deception as the same sporting association came out in full support of its members simply because the same members provided their spare time free of charge. The hidden activities of many paedophiles can be traced to their involvement and dedication to legitimate activities in the community. The deception was conducted in ways that completely fooled local residents. When the van drivers employer closed down his business, he simply went out and  purchased a similar van and could be seen going out to work in the morning and coming home again in the evening even though his employment had ceased many months previous.  What this particular resident did not know was that his former employer is a personal friend of one of his his neighbours on the road and as such received feedback about his comments and jibes.

Do not prolong the problem by remaining silent.Attempting to silently erase all reference to past associations will only deepen our resolve to uncover the truth, no matter how long it takes.A truth that has the potential to implicate you as a contributor and  part of the problem.The gang on Johns Park West think time will help erase all reference and memory of their antisocial activities. This will not be allowed to happen.The heartache and pain these thugs and their parents caused will not be allowed to fade with time and will follow them for the rest of their lives.

In times of major unemployment the last thing we need is a public perception of crime and severe antisocial activities attached to our area.
This has to change,its now up to you.

To the many website visitors who use our email address to contact us about problems relating to antisocial behaviour, we are deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused by a small number of individuals who never took into consideration the problems faced by the many people who seek help from this website.

In this area of  Clondalkin there are individuals in authority who would rather protect and shield those who are a source of antisocial activities. This also extends to the refusal  by people in authority to speak to victims of antisocial behaviour  simply because the complaints are directed against fellow members. If these people are so community orientated then why are they nowhere to be seen when serious issues of antisocial behaviour ( and they knew of it happening)  is taking place. Why now, why wait? 2010 and the lads are still playing their games .


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Any attempt to have this website removed from the internet will only result in the website being relaunched with another website provider.Individuals in the Clondakin area who attempt to silence the truth by providing website providers with untruthful information in order to close down antisocial websites are only digging a deeper hole for themselves and for those who continue to cause so many problems of antisocial behaviour in this small housing estate.
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