Image above: Note how the lads on JPW mark their territory with paint. Possibly came form the same shed where the lads got the paint to destroy residents driveways.

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Example of ASB in the small housing estate of Saint Johns Park.  See also:

The campaign receives requests from website visitors for information about issues of antisocial behaviour in their immediate area. Rather than duplicate the same information when asked to provide instances of antisocial behaviour, and in response to two questions asked by a resident on Saint Johns Park West Clondalkin, we provide a list of antisocial activities that took place on a single road in this 'residential ' housing estate.We hope this list will enable you identify with similar problems that take place on your road. We must always remember, antisocial activities cannot be attributed to every person living on a road, in most cases just a very small minority of people are involved in these activities. A very small number of people have the potential to bring a housing estate to its knees, a very small number of people have the potential to make a location a no-go area. The same people now hide amongst their neighbours and ask 'who are they talking about'. But you do not have to look far when you stand to the centre of a  road.These people cannot be allowed to tarnish the good name of decent, honest and law-abiding people who just want to live and rear their families. Where are all the open access Bebo sites, the lads in hiding.(follow links on this site)

Below is a list of antisocial activities that took place against descent law abiding people living in a housing estate in Clondalkin. You must admit that these activities are alarming and somewhat unbelievable. It is important to note that the accusations that these activities never took place is fully discredited by an important fact; they were reported to the relevant authorities over many years with the last serious incident reported by residents to the Gardai in early 2009. Can this also be untrue? Some people, including those in authority within the local community now complain that these activities never took place,the same people now try to hide the truth by making unfounded complaints to service providers, yet the truth is that many residents were aware of the activities that took place over many years. One individual who is not only a member but an official in a local club, publically addressed and mentioned another person by name on the clubs official website. This in itself tells you quite a lot about this person and the contempt both he and his associates hold for the victims of antisocial behaviour. And this is all taking place in Clondalkin.

                                         Local sports clubs take note  

It is obvious that the person who asked the question below  must be aware of the person who sent letters in the post, simply because; if antisocial behaviour letters were posted to all residents on this particular road, then the person posting the letters must have been a target for antisocial activities over very many years. How can anyone identify an individual  amongst the many, if the person or persons concerned were in actual fact victims of antisocial behaviour by a selective number of residents  on the road. Can you really explain this to the Gardai?

Reply to two questions posted by a Saint Johns Park West, Clondlakin resident (Kevin) on a Bebo antisocial behaviour website.See

Please note: Reference to this individual and his questions were removed without consultation by the service provider Bebo.

Question 1. Why have you got a picture of St Johns up? there is no anti social behaviour there?(2006)

Questions. 2. Everyone in johns park knows who you are give it over spreading lies about the road on the internet, what happened to the letters in the post? (2007)

Dear Resident,

Thank you for contacting the campaign to stop anti-social behaviour in Ireland. It is with regret that this campaign has to resurrect an issue of a past problem, but you asked for information which I hope will help you resolve your curiosity, interest or problem.. I bring you back to your initial contention nearly twelve months ago that there was “No antisocial behaviour in Saint Johns Park West, Clondalkin”. Let me assure you that our investigations have identified a litany of anti-social activities (and continue to this day) over many years against both current and past resident living in this area. You now bring to our attention that you have knowledge of an individual or individuals who are spreading misinformation about anti-social behaviour in your area.

Let us be mature adults for once and ask ourselves “Why would anybody in your immediate area want to spread this kind of information and why would anyone want to spread such information knowing that it would have a direct impact on the value of their own property, would stigmatise the residential standing of the area and would make the selling of such property much harder, unless that information was true. A substantial number of people in your immediate area do not make unwarranted complaints to the Gardai unless there is some credibility as to the nature of their complaints. Let me also inform you that we are also fully aware that a number of residents in your area have been targeted because of an assumption that they are members of this campaign.

With regards to your leafleting query I must emphasise, that any leafleting or other campaigns must have the unanimous support and approval of this campaign before any reference to the campaign can be used. If you feel you are missing the leaflets in your letterbox then by all means inform us and we will facilitate your entire area with a once monthly anti-social behaviour newsletter. It would be of our opinion that such a leafleting  campaign would be of no advantage to decent, honest and law abiding people who take pride in their community, but for whatever reason may want to move on to better things. There again, if you wish us to proceed, I can assure you that this campaign has, at its disposal the financial resources available in order to maintain a prolonged campaign.

Let us put aside the information that possibly others are feeding you and look at the real facts that we have gathered throughout our investigations. Keeping in mind that you are a law abiding citizen and a respected individual in your community, we must now try and wash our minds of exactly what we have been fed over many years. We must look at the hard facts and then make our own minds up as to the substance of the grievances by which intimidation, gangland activities, hurt and pain has been felt by a substantial number of people in both your area and the neighbouring areas that surround you. We must also remember that in drink people and especially young adults (and you should look to those close to centre of the road) say things that they would not normally say when they are sober. A lot can be learned from a drunken individual  on your road ( and his friends and buddies living in Greenpark). There are no more late night parties to be seen on your road where residents property is damaged (2009) by drunken youths who shout abuse at residents homes on the road. When the gangs staggered out of their friends house and onto the road as they made their way towards Greenpark, along the way kicking and pouring drink over residents cars, kicking hall doors and uprooting bedding plants in residents gardens. The parents of the same youths and young adult drive their cars in and out their driveway's, close the gates behind them and  retire to a nights sleep in the full knowledge that their homes are free from attack. And the same parents drive in and out of their driveway's as if butter would not melt in their mouth's. 

So as not to bore you, while at the same time keeping in mind your initial belief that “there is no anti-social behaviour in Johns Park West, Estate”, I will provide you with a short synopsis of the activities that have occurred over very many years. I will confine this information to your immediate area. The many residents who experienced attacks of anti-social behaviour were residents who went in and out of their homes, said “hello” and “goodbye” and basically did not bother anybody. It is also important to note that in our investigations we have found that all of the residents (victims) concerned have  never been reported or investigated for any inappropriate activities by the Gardai or other statuatory body. Another important  aspect of the problems that have caused so much heartache for many people living in your estate over the years,is that the two families who encouraged and directed others (including young children living on your road) to carry out attacks on individual residents homes, are the same people who hide behind their widows as their own children encourage other children and young adults (some from Greenpark) to carry out attacks on residents homes both they and their parents have singled out for treatment.

 Why do the same parents, children and young adults make it their business to attack individual residents homes (single out homes) and motor vehicles late at night ( running out of their homes and throwing bottles, firecrackers, paint, kicking cars and attempting to gain entry to vehicles) when the residents have long retired to bed. It may be of interest for you to know that it has come to our attention that one of these families holds a close association to an individual living in Greenpark who is a know car thief. It might also be rewarding if you were to seek out the many reasons why so many people have left the road over the years.

Here is just a small example of incidents that have occurred on Saint Johns Park West alone

  1. Children being assaulted by both adults and their siblings on the road and neighbouring areas.

  2. Family pets (dogs) immersed in engine oil, let out onto the road and back to their owners.

  3. Dogs poisoned and left out on the main road.

  4. Teenagers being assaulted outside their schools by others who they do not know, (the perpetrators know the names and addresses of those they are attacking) but the perpetrators of these assaults have connections with others on the road. (Gardai and school authorities informed)

  5. During the early hours of the morning individual residents cars checked by a neighbour to see if the vehicle was left unlocked. Vehicles completely checked out, nothing taken and nothing damaged. Just another inquisitive and information gathering procedure and to let the owner know “I was in your car”. But don’t as much as throw a paper bag at their car. Would you think this was the work of a teenager?

  6. Another vehicle opened, a mobile phone taken off the seat and the door (by a next door neighbour) then relocked. Is this the work of a teenager?

  7. Eggs and stones thrown at residents homes(regular attacks by youths and young adults who,live to the centre of road)

  8. Garden lighting pulled out of the ground and other lighting kicked and damaged.

  9. Garden benches in front gardens overturned and left on the road so often that resident had to remove such.

  10. Windows broken by hurling balls and footballs  (reported to Gardai)

  11. individuals urinating on residents doors( living on road)

  12. door bells being constantly rung

  13. Bedding plants being torn up out of gardens (others gardens well kept and free from such actions)

  14. Flower pots overturned and the plants thrown around on the ground

  15. Home telephones being rung at all hours of the night

  16. Contents of waste disposal skips being emptied into individual residents gardens

  17. Waste bins being overturned in gardens or stolen.
  18. Waste bins taken by individual residents on the road in order for them to dispose of their excessive waste.
  19. Individual residents cars(older vehicles) being targeted for attack while other more recent cars (new vehicles)are left untouched on the road or in the driveways.
  20. neighbours getting into their next door neighbours rear gardens while the occupants were out

  21. sheds and other external buildings being checked out(video)

  22. Vehicles damaged if left on road( regular occurrence to centre of road)

  23. Individual resident challenged by a neighbour to a fight (taken on) “but not on the road.(centre of road)

  24. Vulgar and abuse signs shown to residents as they walk the footpaths or drive out of the estate

  25. Some youths, from within their own garden walls hurdle vulgar abuse at other residents as they go in and out. Mammy and daddy in residence.

  26. Residents being followed to their place of employment or business.

  27. Individual residents being coerced into going onto the road because of a problem, as the perpetrators of the problems whisper to others their innocence of the events, as they spread bad feelings and gossip about others.

  28. Women being subjected to the most degrading comments as they pass the shops or groups of teenagers on the road.

  29. Doors being kicked and rammed during the early hours of the morning (individual residents being picked out among the many others).

  30. Children being criticised about their clothing by adults

  31. Resident assaulted by a neighbour’s son (young adult-centre of road)

  32. Cats taken and strayed in other areas ( traps)

  33. Youths barricading residents in their homes with hurling balls and footballs  targeted at windows and vehicles as their parents watch from within the protection of their own home at their sibling directing the attacks.

  34. Elderly people scared and made prisoners in their homes as youths ring bells, set off car alarms and taunt the occupants.

  35. Driveway entrances being deliberately blocked or made difficult to enter or leave by individual neighbours.

  36. Bottles, cans and others thrown over back garden walls into individual residents gardens from the green in Greenpark.

  37. Racist abuse hurdled at children as young as five (5) on the roads by youths and even some of their parents.

  38. Individual residents nearly having fist fights with other residents because of their perceived parking rights.

  39. Gardai constantly patrolling area because of anti-social activities. (reported and documented over many years)

  40. Residents leaving the estate after 2-7 years because of anti social problems being directed at either them, their children or on the road in general.

  41. Some residents told they could not be accepted until they were at least five years on the road.

  42. Residents with bigger than normal vehicles (vans ect) being targeted in an effort to make them move.

  43. Law abiding residents and their families being used as scape goats in a gossip war by those who feed other with misinformation.
  44. Walls to front of house egged or hit with mud balls after the front of house.was painted.
  45. Youths on road using nails or pins to scratch cars that are parked on road.
  46. Youths from other areas(Greenpark) targeting  individual houses on the road with the help of information from their friends who live on the road.
  47. Residents being two fingered when they look out their windows.( sometimes from the bedroom windows of other residents living on the road)
  48. Cars stolen and burned out in the nearby shopping car park
  49. Known car thief from Greenpark living on road with friends, resulting in an increase in  car thefts on road.
  50. Cobblelock paving in garden driveway's untouched by road gang while other neighbours driveway's are targeted with paint and other liquids.
  51. Individual residents cars being constantly checked late at night by friends of friends living on the road, to see if doors were left open.
  52. Telephone calls late at night to see if residents are in their homes, Elderly people targeted for this late night laugh by the lads.
  53. Alcohol bottles thrown into the gardens of individually targeted residents by youths and young adults who ramble up the road to Greenpark and who are the friends of individuals living on the road.
  54. If you have it , then I want it race, as some residents play the keep up with the Jones game by the working class of "anything you can do I can do better" and then criticise others for not partaking in the game.
  55. Individual members of a local sport club (adult and juvenile members and their neighbours sons) living on the road, through the manipulation of others, directing antisocial behaviour attacks on individual residents and their property. (Reported to Gardai over many years)

Have you noticed a distinct silence and peace on your road and have you noticed a more residential atmosphere to the whole character of the area? Yet there are people on your road who have friendships and connections with those in neighbouring areas who are constantly influenced by their John's Park West buddies and encouraged to stroll to Johns Park and target specific residents for treatment. This in turn causes a response in the form of Garda activity which in turn catches media attention. The people who are directing the anti-social behaviour are the same people ( now use late night atacks) who are indirectly tainting the good name of your area. But remember friends also have friends; patience is an art that is left to those who will benefit in the long term. Have you ever asked yourself “Why, over the past three years, Johns Park has settled into a new mode of quietness that is now only interrupted by sporadic spells of anti-social behaviour”. Could it be that those who spread division and hatred among their fellow residents have now been exposed and can only retreat into hiding until the heat is taken off them and they can begin their anti social activities in another mode of operation?  Sometimes we really need to examine the real motive of our friends, no matter how nice they appear to be.

If you are perfectly honest with yourself and I believe you can be, you will notice that your area is experiencing a new beginning that can only benefit all the people who want to live in peace and security. So long as intimidation continues to deny people their rights to live in peace and security, this campaign will continue to spread the word and will provide no apology to those who neither care about the security and welfare of their fellow residents, neighbours or the aged and alone. Some day you will be old, until then your parents will, and in time, have to cope with the treatment others may subject them too, as you may not be there to help them in their hours of need and suffering. Don’t knock this campaign with jibes and innuendos; you may need it sooner than you think. Our campaign is to help people and not to make life a hell for them. Show me your company and I’ll tell you your character, it would be wise to heed these words. It is hard to see decent, honest and law abiding people, influenced by others who only harbour hate for those they find as not being acceptable to their ways. Despite the shadow contents of your comments to our Bebo site, (our people tell us you are listening to others) you contacted this campaign in a polite and gentlemanly manner and to which we are very grateful for this. When you look at other comments you can see the very basic environmental, social, and psychological behavioural problems that promote anti social behaviour and to which we are all susceptible to its harms. These people display all the traits of community disaster in the future.

Sometimes young children grow up in an environment where parental jealously and hate for others is also dominated by social, financial or marital problems which in turn are carried out beyond the walls of the home and onto the streets by their children. Sometimes people like to give others the impression they are a loving couple but when the hall door is closed, retreat to their individual rooms within the family home. As a couple the same people attend the local club  but are distinctly and noticeably seen by others as living a separate life.To everybody they are a lovely couple but in reality they live separated lives joined only by a need to shelter and portray a loving image of unity. Children are not born bad or with a hate for others, they are moulded for life by their parents. Children see other people as their enemy, not because they are the enemy but because their parents say this is what they are. I don’t like you because my daddy does not like you. Mick is one of the lads, a young adult who gets so drunk that he shouts abuse late at night on his road and challenges others to fight. He stands in the middle of the road in his estate and directs his vulgar and threatening words at individual residents homes. Would you call him a friend? He gets thrown out of the local pubs for his abusive behaviour and in order to release his anger, targets people in his area who do not get drunk, do not fight or challenge others to fight and were never thrown out of anywhere. Who really is the baddie, who would your rather live beside. Who would you rather associate with and call your friend?  (follow links on this site)
                                                                                            Saint johns Park West, Greenpark

Many residents to the top of the road have to endure the mayhem of roaring and screaming  on weekend nights by youths hurdling bottles and cans into residents gardens as they make their way from their buddies homes (centre of road) to their homes in Greenpark.


It is important to note that all these events did not occur over the past one, two or three years. They have been happening over a considerable number of years, possibly as much as twenty. From a statistical point, it is interesting to note that since a small number of individuals were identified for their discrete and behind the door promotion of anti-social behaviour (adults and young adults using children to incite other children) on your road, anti social behaviour in itself has diminished significantly.

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